Suggested Job Booking Times

The majority of jobs can be completed within an hour however, factors such as very slow internet, very slow or old computer, large data recovery or data transfer jobs etc can take much longer. As it’s impossible to provide an accurate assessment without seeing the computer we can only advise expected job durations based on statistics from the thousands of jobs we have completed in the past. It’s always better to add more credit to your account than you think it might take as it’ll always be there to use in the future. If your account does run out of credit during a job we offer a 15 minute leniency period where if we can complete your job in that time we will. If the job can’t be completed in that time we’ll discuss the options with you and allow time for you to top up your account credit. Time is deducted from your account balance in 15 minute intervals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can GeekHQ assist me?

The expert technical team at GeekHQ can diagnose all hardware and software issues on any Windows computer that can accessed remotely. Including but not limited to issues with the following:

  • Software errors and data recovery
  • Software installation / uninstallation
  • Email setup and repair / connection issues
  • Internet browser problems / pop-ups and messages
  • Virus removal and Antivirus software support
  • Windows errors / windows updates / windows system security
  • Cloud issues – Google Drive / One drive / iCloud
  • Driver issues and updates
  • General performance issues / hard disk optimization / speed issues
  • Hardware diagnostics and recommendations
  • Installation and configuration of all connected devices such webcams / printers / external drives etc

Q. How does GeekHQ connect to my computer and is it secure?

We use only TeamViewer secure remote support session software. Each session can only be initiated by you and can be disconnected by you at any time. Once the session is ended your computer is completely secure again. The software generates a new random password for each new session. For more info – .

Q. Does it cost more if I have more than one computer?

No the cost is the same whether you have one computer or many, you control our services through your secure GeekHQ account, while ever you have credit on your account we will work on any number of computers for you.

Q. Am I locked in to a subscription of any sort?

No, we don’t use subscriptions or require any ongoing commitment from you. We are simply here to assist you any time you require our services. There is no obligation for you to maintain any minimum balance in your account, just add credit and book a timeslot whenever you need our services. Or add more credit to your account for family or staff members to use any time they need.

Q. How long will it take to fix my computer?

The majority of issues are resolved within an hour, however more difficult problems, data recovery and transfer etc may take longer. Our Technical staff will discuss job duration with you as the job progresses giving you all possible options so you have the final say on the duration of any work we perform for you.

Q. Can I get a refund if I am not happy with the outcome of any service performed?

Firstly we will attempt to completely resolve any issues you are not happy with as our first priority is that we fix the issues you contacted us about. If we are still unable to provide a recommended resolution the job will not be charged and the credit balance of your account will remain to be used for a future job. If there is still a problem we will be happy to discuss the issues with you, and refund any unused account balance within 14 days if required.

Q. Can I discuss my issue with you before booking a job?

Certainly, we offer a free consultancy service to discuss your issue first, we will not recommend proceeding with a job booking if we don’t feel we can assist you.