Suggested Job Booking Times

The majority of jobs can be completed within an hour however, factors such as very slow internet, very slow or old computer, large data recovery or data transfer jobs etc can take much longer. As it’s impossible to provide an accurate assessment without seeing the computer we can only advise expected job durations based on statistics from the thousands of jobs we have completed in the past. 

Give us a call on 0407 442 915 we’ll be happy to discuss the issue with you first.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is letting you access my computer safe for my computer and all the information on it?

Anybody who fixes your computer has access to all the information on your computer. They could copy all the information or infect your computer, but that’s true whether you get your computer repaired remotely or in a shop. You have to decide whether you trust the person doing the work.

We’re a family-owned Australian Pty Ltd company based in Tenterfield. We’re a Microsoft Partner, a Telstra Partner and a Leader Systems Authorised Service Partner. You have the protection of dealing with onshore experts who are regulated by Australian law.

Once any work is completed we will ensure your computer is secure and provide any recommendations that we believe will protect your privacy and security.

2. How many computers can you support?

We can help you with one PC or as many as you need help with and will always provide accurate repair costs first.

3. Do you do house / office calls?

With so many connected devices, internet components, printers etc taking you computer to a repair shop is no longer practical. It’s very disappointing to get you computer home after paying for a repair only to find you still have the same problem do some other component being at fault. We come to you so you can see it’s fixed before we leave.

4. What do you repair?

We offer full support for all Windows computer hardware (diagnosis), software (diagnosis and repair) and their connected devices.

5. Can you provide remote access support for my computer?

For fast fixes and business support we can access your computer over the internet using TeamViewer secure remote support session software.