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Geeks Professional Computer Services has created a simple code driven spreadsheet template to allow Certifiers to meet the mandatory reporting requirements as specified by BPB for the purpose of upload to SFTP.

The goal was to create a semi-automated tool which allows Certifiers to update the data per job and upload to OneGov SFTP server whilst meeting all reporting requirements very simply and quickly.

The upload process also keeps a local copy of all job data including date and time of upload in case there is ever a question of meeting mandatory requirements.

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If you feel this could assist your business please use the contact form below or call me directly on 02 6653 4438 to discuss your needs, we will be happy to provide certifier references / BPB references etc.

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Our spreadsheet is now being used by a number of Certifiers and the data output has been checked and approved by OneGov technical staff as well as BPB to meet Data Reporting v1.8 requirements.

This spreadsheet overcomes some of the limitations of other solutions such as apps which track your site movements and upload times and provide no method of keeping a local record of jobs.

The cost is a one off purchase only per business (not per Certifier) and you may make as many copies of the spreadsheet as you like, there are no ongoing annual fees/subscriptions as with most of the available software packages.

Our solution is approved and listed on the BPB website – links are provided below.

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