Whether you’ve had a full-scale IT disaster at work or are having trouble setting up your email at home, we can help. And you don’t even need to leave your home or office

GeekHQ is an Australian-owned and operated family business based in Coffs Harbour. With 35 years’ experience in fixing Windows PCs, we’re the smart choice to repair your PC. We specialise in remote repairs. This means we can fix software problems or diagnose hardware problems over the internet—often in as little as an hour.

Whether you’re a business in Broome or a family in Bendigo, you can book us for the fastest, hassle-free service to get up and running again. Don’t miss out on sales or getting that uni assignment finished at home by waiting for a repairman to arrive, or getting your PC to a repair shop. You don’t have to waste time bringing the computer to us, or waiting for us to get to you. We’ll diagnose and fix your computer from our Coffs Harbour office. It will still feel just like we’re in the room; you’ll see us by video, you’ll talk to us and you’re in control at all times.

Computer Rocket

We use only highly experienced technicians based in Australia. And our clients are fully protected as Australian consumers, because we’re an Australian registered company, not an overseas outfit with an ABN.

Chris Thomas, Founder

With 35 years hands-on experience in fixing computers all over NSW, Chris isn’t your average computer repair technician.

In the early 1980s, Chris started building computers from components, an enterprise which grew into providing onsite and remote support services for companies like BBC Hardware, Woolworths, Dell, Unisys, Sharp and Panasonic.

Chris has lived in Coffs Harbour since the 1970s, and has earned a strong reputation among local businesses for his IT skills. Starting his own IT support business in the 2000s was the obvious next step. Chris grew his business to be a trusted provider to more than 200 businesses in the Coffs Harbour region, as well as a wide customer base of home users.

That business was part of a national repair franchise that subsequently pulled out of the region. Chris didn’t want to leave his customers high and dry—many of them long drives from the nearest repair centre. The answer in the NBN age is to provide remote support. It gives everyone fast access to a computer expert, regardless of their location.


Chris founded GeekHQ to meet the demand for Australian-based, high-quality, professional and safe remote repair service to help both individuals and business owners in regional areas get up and running faster. Not a city person himself, Chris doesn’t see why you have to live in the city to get first-class service.

Chris Tomas

“He’s very good at what he does. Never had a situation where he’s not been able to resolve it. Prices are reasonable”


– Peter Murgatroyd Coffs Harbour