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Geeks Professional Computer Services has created a simple code driven spreadsheet template to allow Certifiers to meet the mandatory reporting requirements as specified by BPB for the purpose of upload to SFTP

Fix your Windows PC fast without leaving your office or home

Onsite from Corindi to Bowraville to Dorrigo and everywhere in between.

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We’re the smart choice for everyone needing their PCs back up and running fast. We can have you operational again in as little as an hour.

Our technician will be able to fix software problems and diagnose hardware problems. You don’t have to waste more time packing your computer up to take it to the shop, we’ll take care of it for you.

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Is that safe?

Yes, because:


  • we’re a family-owned Australian Pty Ltd company based in Coffs Harbour (ABN 69 131 308 775 ).
  • we’re a Microsoft Partner, a Telstra Partner and a Leader Systems Authorised Service Partner.
  • we’ve been fixing PCs for 35 years, so we know what we’re doing.

So you have the protection of dealing with onshore experts who are regulated by Australian law.


“We use Chris Thomas whenever we have a disaster or need upgrading. Remote access is awesome. Chris’s knowledge is outstanding, and his reliability and promptness is sensational”


– Peter Wood, Coffs Harbour

Stay safe online

Every week we help clients who have been tricked into giving scammers access to their computers. We are in frequent contact with the ACCC’s Scamwatch site regarding what we find. Keep yourself safe by reading about common scams on the Scamwatch site.

We’re so accessible, it’s like we’re in the room with you

  • We’re quick to get in touch by phone from our Coffs Harbour office to make an appointment at your convenience wherever you are in Australia.
  • Each repair starts with a phone call, so you’ll get to know us and we’ll get to know you.
  • We will access your computer via the internet. (If your problem is that you can’t get onto the internet, we’ll talk you through it over the phone.)
  • Video can be on during each remote consultation, so you can see your technician, who’ll explain exactly what they’re doing.
  • Once disconnected (which you can do at any time), your computer is secure. We cannot reconnect again.


For a free initial consultation, call us on 02 6653 4438 We’ll let you know how we can help, how long it will take and give you an estimated price. You can read more about our remote Windows PC repair service here.


GeekHQ - Australian tech support for your windows computer.


Remote Support sessions controlled by you.

No Subscription

No problem, we do one off quick fixes

No Restrictions

No Limit on the number of computers we support for you.

No Time Limit

With Full Support we work until it's resolved

No Expire Date

We can set you up with Full Support with annual renewal


Fast quality support for all Windows computer issues, majority of problems resolved within an hour.

Full Support

Full support for all Windows computers for just $1.00 a day

All Local

Australian support team so no language barriers

Full support for all windows computer hardware, software and connected devices

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